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Your job isn't easy, having your properties look great should be. We serve the real estate professional. Our company provides high quality imaging services, specializing in 3D tours. Aaron, our lead technician, is FAA certified, insured, and professionally trained in photography. We have experience in residential real estate and multi-family properties.

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The services we provide range from drone photography that captures the best features of your properties' exterior to professional interior photography to show the character of the home. We use a drone that features Hasselblad L1D-20c camera with a 20MP 1” CMOS Sensor and is capable of 4k video. Our camera we use for interior photography is a Canon EOS Rebel T7 with 24.1MP APS-C CMOS Sensor.

Aerial Photography

We present your homes in a way traditional photography just can't match. The home is more than just the structure and the property it's on. We can help you capture the whole of your listing as well as the neighborhood around it. This will give your clients a more complete view of everything the home has to offer.


Photos don't always capture the true essance of your listings. Sometimes a breathtaking view just can't be seen in a single frame and that's where panoramas fill in the gap. From the suburban neighborhood to the lakeside getaway we can show the whole 360 degree picture.

Interior Photography

All of our techs are professionaly trained in real estate applications. From wide angle to telephoto, we have the right lenses for the job. Our techs will help to capture the hidden beauty of the homes that might be missed otherwise. Our packages simplify your photography needs from essentials to the unique.

3D Tours

We provide state of the art 3D tours. Present your clients their first experience of their new home from the comfort and safety of their couch. As your customers needs evolve, we are there to help transition to the digital world. Our tours are VR compatible, but intuitive on any device.
3 panoramas and 5 aerial images
3 Panoramas, 5 aerial images, Interior photography
3 Panoramas, 5 aerial images, 3D imaging of interior, interior photography
$ 100
$ 150
$ 250
*Pricing is For homes under 4500 Sqft. Larger properties, a la carte services, and videos are available upon request

Here is our team


Lance Kellar


Lance graduated from IU’s O'neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, specializing in public finance and international development. He has started a few service companies and has been active in technology startups for many years. Lance has a passionate interest in the ability of technology to change the way we interact with the world.


Chris Dzierba


Chris is a second generation realtor with over a decade of experience serving the local area. The firm that holds his license, Dzierba Real Estate, has done the same for over 30 years. He knows the importance of trust, whether it be with a first time homebuyer or an agent who knows he'll help to ensure a smooth transaction. Chris is here to ensure you get the right package that will help reduce listings times, get an accepted offer closer to list price, and all at an affordable amount.


Aaron Clausman


Aaron is a licensed remote pilot and photographer for Vikor Imaging. Having worked with digital media production, 2D artwork, 3D modeling and everything in between since he was young, it’s no unfamiliar arena for him. When he isn’t creating on the computer or capturing shots on the field, he enjoys playing piano, spending time with family and friends and helping a neighbor in need when the occasion arises. He is currently honing his photography technique and growing his other skillsets.


Isaac Clausman


Isaac is a lifelong enthusiast of technology, software development, and virtual reality. With over 10 years of combined experience in I.T services and support, He now serves as Vikor’s Chief Technical Officer ensuring our content delivery systems are streamlined and cost effective. In his free time, you can often find him elbow deep in a new 3D printer project or embedded hardware platform.

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